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Bemerkungen & Anleitung

There have been many code breaking games around. This is based on one by a M.D.Langley as originating from around the time of the second world war, and played by him and friends from the Fifties onwards. You have to guess a code of digits, five in this case, for which are judged correct by the number of digits in the guess which are present (ie have a pairing) in the code (paired digits in the code are only counted once), and the number of correct digits in the guess which also occur in the same position in the code.

Thus suppose the CODE is 23678, and the guess is 13245; then this is calculated 2 digits present (2 & 3), and 1 in the right place (the 3), or "2 and 1" or "2,1"

In the case of duplicated digits: Suppose the CODE is 26667, and the guess is 61234; then this is calculated as 1 digit (in the guess) can be paired with a digit in the CODE (the 6), and 0 in the right place - so reports "1,0"

Suppose the CODE is 12345. The guess is 12244, which calculates as 1 digit in the guess can be paired with a digit in the CODE (the 2), and 1 digit is in the right place (the 2 in second place) - so reports "1, 1".

From a series of reports a player infers the correct CODE. This is Mastermind, but played with numbers on paper. Now here's the twist (Turing's Twist) in Enigma Mastermind developed from the original by J.Langley, before reporting, the two numbers in the report are added before responding: thus instead of reporting "1,1" reports "2", instead of "3,1" reports "4" and so on! Obviously a report of "10" can only mean "5, 5" - game over, but a report of "4" could mean "3,1", "4,0" or "2,0"!

Playing the Java Applet

To play the game. You press the start game to 'start', and then enter the code guesses using the keypad in the applet. Each complete guess is then reported back. The top right box tells you when you have, won, failed or given up.


There are some option buttons added to the game to make it more adaptable (see why). These can only be toggled when the game is not running, i.e. when the applet is first loaded, or you have just quit or lost a game. The label will change when you click on the button, to tell you which option you have.
  • 5 digits / 4 digits

    This option allows you to choose whether the code is comprised of five or four digits, and here's why.

  • Include Zero / No Zero

    This option allows you to choose whether the code can contain the zero digit, and here's why.

  • Duplicates / Unique

    This option allows you to choose whether each number in the code should be unique (all different), or whether the same digit can appear more than once i.e. '12342'

  • Turings Twixt ON / OFF This option allows you toggle the Turings Twixt option. When Turings Twixt option is OFF then the answers to your guesses are given as

    the Number Right, Number In the Right Place

What is with these Option Buttons

Enigma Mastermind is quite different to the original MD Langley version, and so the option buttons allow the original (which did not allow 0 and allowed only 4 digits) to be played. This is only one reason, the rest is to allow younger players to work up to the full glory of 5 digit Enigma Mastermind (Turing's Twist variant) with duplicates and zeros allowed.

The options gives people a bit of a boost to realise that
    1 2 3 4 (2, 0)
    5 6 7 8 (1, 0)
implies 9 is in the Code.

Also (in 5 digit 'straight' Enigma with no '0')

    1 2 3 4 5 (3, 0)
leaves the player with a difficulty - which digit to repeat? So No Zero 5 Digit No Duplicates No Twist, is harder than the '0' Included version.

Players could be informed of the levels of difficulty e.g. :

  • 4 digit, no dups, no Twist, 1 - 9 - Beginner's level
  • 4 digit, no dups, no Twist, 0 - 9 - Novice Code Breaker
  • 4 digit, dups no Twist - Assistant Code Breaker
  • 5 digit, no dups - Assistant Code Breaker
  • 4 digit, dups and Twist - Senior Cryptographer
  • 5 digit, dups - Senior Cryptographer
  • 5 digit, dups, Twist - Head of Cyptography
(or whatever). Also I need to do a lot of trials before I am sure of the average number of guesses needed to crack it at the different levels, so don't take the above as Gospel yet.

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