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Beschreibung und Anleitung

XFlood is a unique game where you have to plot your course through a field of cells with different point values.

This game is a little tricky to get the hang of, but it's easy once you get started.
Click anywhere in the bottom row to establish your marker.
The number of points on that space is added to your score.

A small window will appear on the right, indicating how many moves you now have. You don't have to take all of your moves, and is sometimes to your advantage not to.
You can move only left or right, one cell at a time, to one of the adjacent cells in the bottom row, framed in white.
You can only move horizontally, within the bottom row, only to .

When you click 'Next' your turn is over and all rows move down 1 row.
Your score is then updated according to the type of space that moved down over your marker:
Numerical - Adds that number to your account.
P - Adds or subtracts between 0 and 500
T - Adds or subtracts between 0 and 4000
B - Subtracts 100, 200 or 300
Z - sets your counter to 0

The goal: get the highest score!
The strategy involves looking at all the rows above and trying to place your marker in a good spot - avoid those Zs and don't get trapped between two Zs!
Check the row one level up and see if you can catch one of the good cells, but be aware that you have to cross other cells to get there.
To make this aspect more challenging, some of the upper rows are colored solid orange at random intervals.
Click on 'Refresh' to redraw the screen.

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