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- It is a standard fixed viewpoint for "Normal." It can control with the feeling which flies a radio-control airplane and requires it. - Although it is "Active" fixed viewpoint, since it is behind for a while and it supplements with an airplane, it can control with the feeling with the feeling of a lively motion. - A viewpoint is also movable in the form where "Move" airplane is pursued from back. It can fly on a cloud now. - "Smoke" smoke can be taken out. At the time of an acrobat, it is effective. - It can initialize and re-start at the time of "Restart" crash etc. - "Meter board" Although attached once, it is almost decoration. (E) An engine meter, (S) speed meter, (H) advanced meter, (A) direction meter. - An engine output will be improved if it clicks on "control" control panel. Since it descends gradually, please sometimes click an engine output. Operation is possible moving a mouse.(It is not a drug) elron and an elevator are controllable.

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